Cloud Storage


Omega Glass is available anywhere, anytime. Work from home or on the road. Plus there's no need to invest in a server and maintain complicated computer systems - we take care of it for you. All data is stored in a PCI-Compliant datacenter with the latest safeguards to ensure you'll have access to your data anytime, anywhere. Best of all, nightly backups are made automatically so you never have to worry about data loss.

Smart EDI (tm)


Omega Glass integrates with over 90% of insurance companies via EDI. Safelite, Lynx, Harmons, and Teleglass - EDI to insurers using any of these TPAs. Omega Glass is the only solution that integrates with both Glaxis and Safelite seamlessly. Best of all, if there is an insurer that doesn't EDI Omega Glass will send an electronic fax or e-mail containing the invoice so that you never have to mix and match solutions.

Input Validation


Simple step-by-step instructions coupled with powerful input validation ensures that it's easy for technicians to create error-free invoices every time.

VIN Decoder


Never have a rejected invoice due to incorrect VIN again! Run VINs through our decoder while creating a Work Order and Omega Glass will populate the vehicle information fields automatically. If the VIN is invalid Omega Glass will let you know.

Once the VIN is found and vehicle information is loaded the NAGS CarID is automatically located and placed on any EDI invoices automatically. Save time and energy!

100% Paperless


Omega Glass was designed from the ground up to run on the latest touchscreen tablet devices. Eliminate the headache of paperwork - Omega Glass tracks all of your work orders, invoices, and their status information for you. Customer signatures are captured electronically on a tablet device with a stylus or a finger and made available to you in case of an audit.

Comprehensive Insurer Database


We maintain a current database of major insurers in the US including the approval phone number and pricing information. Never again will you have to worry about billing the correct amount - we take care of it for you!

Management Dashboard


View up-to-the-minute statistics for each location. As soon as an invoice is created your daily statistics are updated so you can track sales in real time.